iPhone 5 microphone problem fix

Tricks to fix iPhone 5 mic not working problem.
iPhone 5 microphone
iPhone 5 microphone solution.
We are introducing another most wanted easy solution to fix iPhone 5 microphone not working problem, that problem can be happened by a recent iOS update or without taken any update on Apple iPhone 5 smartphone. You don't need to go Apple service center or any other mobile repair center to fix iPhone 5 microphone not working problem. We experienced a few kinds of microphone problem, sometimes you may call well using turn on main speaker or loud speaker. But except turn on Speaker, microphone doesn't work properly on iPhone 5. Many user talking well through Viber or Whatsapp, without any problem, but not all time.

Please follow some step to solve iPhone 5 microphone problem:-
Go to phone setting-General-Accessibility. turn on is the "Hearing Aid Mode", which actually TURNS OFF the noise cancelling.
you Yes there is NOISE CANCELLING
go to settings-general-accessibility
In the tap (hearing) you will find 5 options
"Hearing aids
LED Flash....
Mono audio
Check the "Hearing aids" and "Phone Noise Cancellation" option to fix microphone problem of iPhone 5.
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