Sony Xperia Z4 Android Tablet

Sony unveiled latest Xperia Z4.
Sony Xperia Z4
Sony Xperia Z4.
Finally electronic giant Sony has launched latest Sony Xperia Z4 Qualcom Snapdragon powered Android tablet, it's now hot news on smartphone and tablet world. Xperia Z4 come with Android Lollipop 5 and some features as electromagnetic charging facility, that Sony has brought with Sony Xperia Z Ultra smartphone.

Nokia Here Maps Download for iPhone

Download here maps for iOS.
here map for iPhone
Here maps iOS.
Finally Nokia has released Here maps for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and Apple iPad. iOS users now can download here maps app from iTunes to iOS device for using offline or online navigation on Apple device. Also in Google store, there have Here maps for Android phone and now iPhone and iPad gets Here map iOS version. How to download, install and use Nokia Here maps in iPhone 6 and others Apple devices? It's very easy to use Here maps on iOS device as well as on iPhone 5, iPhone 6 or Apple iPhone 6 plus. Go to iTunes or Click this link to get Here

Mobile World Congress 2015

See the upcoming technologies of smartphone.
Latest Nokia Tab 2015
Latest Nokia Tab in Mobile World Congress 2015.
International mobile world congress 2015, Barcelona, was a landmark for telecom giant Nokia and others tech giant ass well as Samsung, HTC, Sony, Apple, Microsoft and all the best Google. For Nokia N1 tab, Nokia was main reason to successful the latest MWC 15. However Nokia showed their latest technology at there to make gain in mobile phone world, also Nokia was much success to retake their position in smartphone market by high end Nokia N1. See the photos of mobile congress 2015, we hope you may get your answer on the pictures.

Google CSU apps for Colorado State University

Add csu email and password to Google apps for csu.
Google csu apps
CSU Logo.
Guide to download, install and set up Google csu apps in Android phone. A lot of Colorado State University (CSU) students suffering much for setting up Google csu apps on their own phone, so we decide to do it easy for all students of csu, specially who failed to install, setup or using csu apps. Please follow below to fix csu apps problem easily by this tips & tricks for Colorado State University Google apps. What you need to do for fixing Google csu apps problem?
1. Add Existing Google account.

Custom iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

Easy guide to make own custom iPhone.
Custom iPhone 6
Custom iPhone 6.
Learn how to you can make your own custom iPhone 6 and custom 6 plus, it's very easy to redesign custom iPhone, but expensive. In the web, you may see a lot of online based custom iPhone company to make your goal. But, we now talking you to how you can build your custom iPhone 6 plus or custom iPhone 6 easily without any problem and losing time & money. However you need to make sure about expensive budget for custom iPhone 6. If you looking cheap price, then we suggest you to go there to buy or redesign

Samsung Galaxy S3 charging problem fix

How to repair galaxy S3 charging problem
Here is complete guide to how to solve not charging, battery level downing during charging instead of charging Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. At first switch off and remove the battery. After uncover of galaxy s3 main board, see...
1: Look the USB port, outside and inside. likely to have dust around it, specially to connector. So clean it carefully to solve charging problem. If problem still after this solution, then see...

2: Make sure the USB port is damaged or broken, change the right USB port of Samsung Galaxy S3 if you sure about it.

2: Connect charger or USB cable with the port, check voltage and charging ic way of galaxy s3 main PCB board. See the below picture to learn how to short galaxy s3 charging way without changing anything.
Galaxy S3 hardware service picture.
Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging
Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging port.
The best and 100% working hardware solution for Samsung Galaxy s3 charging not working problem, this will fix charging port problem and other charging problem of Samsung Galaxy phone. Charging problem in Samsung Galaxy series smartphone, it come with charging port trouble. You need to check the charger port first to work with this fixable solution, although have the alternative fixing solution as well as hardware jumper solution, that can be done by manually connect a few line of cable on phone motherboard. However you can work on jumping part later and you must need make about trouble, then you may use this latest hardware solution for Samsung Galaxy S3 charging not working problem.

Sony Xperia Z ultra magnetic charging dock

Magnetic charger DK-30.
Sony Xperia Z ultra
Sony Xperia Z ultra charger dock.
Sony Xperia Z Ultra comes with magnetic charging feature and more attractive technology features, but magnetic charging feature is the best of them. However Sony Xperia Z ultra has own magnetic charging dock, called as magnetic charger DK-30. It's a reason, why Sony Xperia Z ultra getting million of customer world wide, specially in United States of America, USA. Please don't be fool with others charging dock, as Sony Xperia Z charger DK-26. Because Sony Xperia Z ultra supports only magnetic charger dock DK-30, this charger dock have magnetic charging facility, that supporting ultimate charging on Sony Xperia Z ultra Android smartphone.

Sony Xperia Z charging not working fix

Sony Xperia Z charging Tricks and tips.
Sony Xperia Z charging
Sony Xperia Z charging solution.
Charging problem in Sony Xperia Z phone, a big bug on this high end Android smartphone. But don't worry, we have fixed Sony Xperia Z charging not working problem through replace or repair charger connector port by this most wanted Sony Xperia Z charging problem. Sometimes this problem can be fix or solve by replace a new battery, but need a original battery of Sony Xperia Z. If problem can't solve by battery, then you need to change charger. You may replace charging port on Sony Xperia Z after try these tricks. This will fix charging problem and it's very easy to change usb charging connector port.

Nokia 1100 Android Lollipop 5.1

Nokia 1100 Revive Android phone.
Nokia 1100 Android
Nokia 1100 Android.
Finally Nokia 1100 back to us with Android Lollipop 5.1, Nokia 1100 Revive. Nokia 1100 was the world's most used and long service cell phone, that coming again with Android. Nokia 1100 will be first Android phone, that would be a theater of smartphone technology, coming Lesser guided projector. This means you don't need to a large display on phone, you can use its HD lesser projector everywhere, inside or outside. Nokia coming with revolutionary Nokia 1100 Android phone, game changer smartphone. Nokia 1100 was coming with a beautiful torch light, and Nokia 1100 coming with 4th Generation super hd lesser projector. Also its lesser projector can be used as high power torch light and you can make fool your friends by latest tech, that coming with Nokia 1100 Android.

iPhone 5 microphone problem fix

Tricks to fix iPhone 5 mic not working problem.
iPhone 5 microphone
iPhone 5 microphone solution.
We are introducing another most wanted easy solution to fix iPhone 5 microphone not working problem, that problem can be happened by a recent iOS update or without taken any update on Apple iPhone 5 smartphone. You don't need to go Apple service center or any other mobile repair center to fix iPhone 5 microphone not working problem. We experienced a few kinds of microphone problem, sometimes you may call well using turn on main speaker or loud speaker. But except turn on Speaker, microphone doesn't work properly on iPhone 5. Many user talking well through Viber or Whatsapp, without any problem, but not all time.

Sony Xperia Z Dead Solution

A trick to get life on Sony Xperia Z smartphone.
Sony Xperia Z
Sony Xperia Z.
If your Sony Xperia Z or Sony Xperia Z2, Sony Xperia Z3 or Sony Xperia gone to freeze or you have failed to start up your Sony Xperia Z phone, then you can follow this guide to power on this most wanted Android smartphone. At first, please make sure that you have charged much Sony Xperia Z battery. Then press and hold "Power up button+Volume down" button together until something displayed on LED monitor. If everything was ok and you are seeing recover option on phone display, then press the "volume down button to select the "Restore/reset" option from recover mode display. Then press the power button to active restore menu. Please relax and wait until phone power on completely.