How To Unlock BlackBerry 8520 Smartphone

Easy guide to unlock BlackBerry 8520.
BlackBerry 8520
BlackBerry 8520.
This is a very easy trick to unlock BlackBerry 8520 smartphone in a few minutes, 100% working and tested solution. If you have locked your BlackBerry 8520 phone or you have forgotten current password, you may change or set up a new password for your BlackBerry 8520. 
Process to unlock: Turn on your blackberry 8520 mobile, when mobile ask for password enter any password or enter blackberry 10 to 11 times after last entry mobile shows on screen enter your new password. Enter new password and press ok to reboot mobile. After restart apply basic settings like time and date etc. Now your mobile reset to factory default settings and all your data, installed apps and messages will be deleted. If you want to safe your data then take backup before unlock user password.