Nokia 5230 Fake Charging Not Charge Solution

Latest fake charging solution for Nokia 5230 phone.
Nokia 5230 fake Charging
Nokia 5230 Charging Solution.
How to repair Nokia 5230 fake charging problem or Nokia 5228 fake charging, Nokia 5233 fake charging, Nokia 5235 fake charging problem ? if charging status bar is showing or charge bar continue up-down but not charged Nokia 5230, Nokia 5233, Nokia 5228 or Nokia 5235 phone. then you can change this ic to solve fake charging problem. But it's a heavy hard solution, please try others fake charging or not charging solution before apply this solution to your Nokia touch screen smartphone.

Nokia 2730 Insert Sim Solution

Another solution for Nokia 2730 insert sim problem.
Nokia 2730 insert sim solution
Nokia 2730 insert sim.
Very simple way repair Nokia 2730 insert sim problem by this easy hardware jumper solution. Check all line point of sim base and make sure about where is problem on Nokia 2730 phone, why Sim card not working Nokia 2730 cellphone. If you found any cause or broken line, then you can create the line jumper to solve insert sim problem on Nokia 2730 mobile handset.

Nokia 110 Lcd Display Light Solution

How to repair Nokia 110 display light problem?
Nokia 110 display light
Nokia 110 display light.
Latest update jumper solution for Nokia 110 lcd display light problem. Just make a same jumper on your Nokia 110 phone to repair Nokia 110 no light problem. It's tested jumper solution and you can use this solution to repair any kind of lcd display light problem on Nokia 110 mobile phone.

Nokia 6300 Mic Not Works Solution

Latest solution for Nokia 6300 mic problem.
Nokia 6300 mic
Nokia 6300 mic way.
A years ago, we're posted a solution for Nokia 6300 all solution as mic problem, not charging problem, charger not support problem, Nokia 6300 mmc memory card not inserted solution, power on off switch problem for Nokia 6300 mobile handset and Nokia 6300 ringer solution. Today now posting a latest hardware solution for Nokia 6300 mic problem. If mic is ok and you sure mic line is problem, then make a jumper on motherboard of Nokia 6300 mobile.

How To Repair Nokia X6 Mic Problem

Easy hardware solution for Nokia X6 mic problem.
Nokia X6 mic jumper
Nokia X6 mic.
Hardware jumper solution for Nokia X6 phone mic line desrtoyed problem. just check the mic of your Nokia smartphone, change mic and replace new one to solve Nokia mic problem. if problem is still and no out going call possible without or with headset headphone on Nokia X6 phone. then you can apply this jumper on mic ic base to repair mic not working problem.

Nokia C7 Power On Off Switch Solution

Power switch jumper solution for Nokia C7.
Nokia C7 power switch
Nokia C7 power switch.
Finally we're brings Nokia C7 power switch solution for Nokia C7 dead phone. carefully follow this hardware jumper solution pic to know how to solve Nokia C7 on off switch, if your Nokia C7 power switch  is broken. see the black marks line and create a jumper as this line to solve power switch problem on Nokia C7 smartphone handset. Don't worry this solution is tested by many technician

Nokia 6120c Power Switch Solution

How to solve Nokia 6120c phone dead problem
Nokia 6120c on off switch
Nokia 6120c on off switch.
100% working and tested hardware jumper solution tricks for Nokia 6120 classic dead problem, power switch not working properly, on off switch problem or powering up problem. Be sure before make sure about problem on Nokia 6120c phone. You can make this jumper on board to input new life on Nokia 6120c classic dead phone and it's tested solution for Nokia 6120 dead mobile handset.

Nokia X2-00 Speaker Solution

How to solve Nokia X2-00 speaker problem.
Nokia X2-00 speaker solution
Nokia X2-00 speaker solution.
Easily solve Nokia x2-00 ringer speaker problem, mp3 music player no sound problem by this hardware jumper solution. Just check speaker and speaker line before applying jumpering solution to solve the Nokia X2-00 speaker problem.

Nokia 5230 Speaker Hardware Solution

Another tested hardware solution for Nokia 5230.
Nokia 5230 speaker solution
Nokia 5230 speaker path.
If your Nokia 5230 touch screen phone will be unable to play mp3 song or caller tone through built in speaker, and if you sure Nokia 5230 phone does'nt works good, speaker is ok and speaker line is not perform ok. Then you can replace this red marks joint resitor to solve speaker problem on Nokia 5230 phone. You can change current speaker of Nokia 5230, before apply this Nokia 5230 hardware solution.

Nokia X2-02 RM-694 Latest Flash File

Latest fimware for Nokia X2-02 mobile phone.
Nokia X2-02 flash
Nokia X2-02.
Another latest update version v11.84 firmware for Nokia x2-02 rm-94 mobile handset. download flash file from this website to flashing Nokia X2-02 phone. before flashing, please checke products code and installed version to avoid dead risk of Nokia phone wrong flashing. How to Download ? just click to download link and download.

Nokia C2-03 RM-702 Update Flash File

Here is two different version flash file for Nokia C2-03.
Nokia C2-03 flash file download
Nokia C2-03.
Latest firmware flash file for Nokia c2-03 rm-702 phone. plz be sure before flashing your Nokia phone. check current installed vesion by input this *#0000# code. So download now to flash Nokia C2-03 mobile phone. If you to here or new to Flashing Nokia handset, then read our comments area on flash file download link.

Nokia Asha 310 RM-911 Latest Flash File

Another flash file for your Nokia Asha phone.
Nokia Asha 310 flash file
Nokia Asha 310.
Finally we are posting latest update firmware flash file for Nokia Asha 310 RM 911 phone. This version is latest as v3.37. you only need to check products code and software version on your Nokia Asha 310 cellphone before flashing...
Download Nokia Asha 310 RM 911 Version V3.37 update firmware.

Nokia Asha 206 RM-872 Flash File Download

Latest update firmware for Nokia Asha 206
Nokia Asha 206 flash file
Nokia Asha 206.
Update version flash file for latest Nokia Asha 206 handset. Please be sure before download or flashing Nokia Asha phone, your phone model is Nokia Asha 206. Products code is RM-872. This version is V3.59 International edition. You'll able to download this flash file to just three step from here, download all three files as MCU file, CNT file and PPM file for flashing Nokia phone.
Download Nokia Asha 206 RM-872 Version V3.59.

Nokia N8 No Sim Card Inserted Solution

Insert sim card solution for Nokia N8 phone.
Nokia N8 insert sim card solution
Nokia N8 insert sim.
Hardware solution for Nokia N8 smartphone insert sim problem. Try this soution to Nokia N8 symbian belle smartphone, if your cellphone is show no sim card inserted or offline mode alltime. It's active and tested solutions for Nokia N8 insert sim problem. Please change your 2G or 3G sim and battery to make sure about serious insert sim problems. If you found your Nokia N8 sim ic is damaged then you should use this hardware solution.

Nokia C1-00 Mic Problem and Jumper Solution

Another easy solution for Nokia C1-00 mic problem
Nokia C1-00 mic solution
Nokia C1-00 mic path.
How to solve Nokia C1-00 mic problem ? or microphone outgoing sound not get  to receiver from Nokia c1-00 cellphone. Don't worry if your Nokia C1-00 phone microphone mic damaged by any cause as well as water damage. Please check the mic base point and make sure to Nokia c1-00 mic is ok but line problem. Then you should use this jumper solution on Nokia C1-00. Just see this photos and create two small jumper on board same as this solution picture to solve Nokia C1-00 mic problem.

How To Hard Reset Nokia 808 Pureview

Hard reset of Nokia 808 is very easy
Nokia 808 Hard Reset
Nokia 808 Hard Reset Process.
Nokia 808 pure view is a symbian phone and hard reset system is same as others Nokia symbian S60v5 touch screen phone eg Nokia N8 hard reset. At first full charging Nokia 808 and remove the Sim card and battery. Put the battery again. Press and hold Green key(dial key), Red key (end key) and camera key as this press and hold "Green button+Red button+Camera button" then press to power on switch but don't unhold the green key, red key and camera key and keep these button to complete hard reset on Nokia phone. wait a minute, then you see your phone is now powering up. Then unhold all button and see the magic on Nokia 808 pureview 41 mega pixel phone.

Nokia 1616 RH-125 Latest Flash File Download

Update firmware for your Nokia 1616 RM-125 handset.
Nokia 1616 RH-125 flash File
Nokia 1616.
Please make sure flashing your Nokia 1616 phone. Phones products code is rm-125 and check the current version before try to upgrade phone software. so download from these link. download all three file from uploaded link as MCU file, PPM file and CNT file and flashing Nokia 1616 cellphone. Nokia 1616 RM-125 Version V6.53 Flash file Download.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Display Light Solution

A killer and tested hardware solution for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 phone
Sony ericsson xperia x10 display light
Sony ericsson xperia x10.
We brings this as a helpful solution for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Lcd display light problem. you should be use or try this tricks to Sony Xperia X10 phone to resolving any kind light problem indcuding lcd display monitor light not working any more etc. just follow and keep this.

BlackBerry 9300 New Trackpad Easy Solution

A new and easy solution for BlackBerry Trackpad Problem
BlackBerry 9300 Trackpad Solution
BlackBerry 9300 Trackpad Solution.
How to solve BlackBerry trackpad problem easy way ? if your BlackBerry phone is affected by this problem. No problem we are always sold BlackBerry 9300 trackpad problem by this latest hardware solution. It's very easy and 100% risk free works. So no further confuse about this problem. Now view and follow to solve your BlackBerry 9300 TrackPad problem

Nokia Lumia 610 Flash File Free Download

Another download link for your Nokia Lumia windows phone.
Nokia Lumia 610 flash file
Nokia Lumia 610.
If your phone model is Nokia Lumia 610 and products code is RM-835, then you'll download this update firmware for your windows phones. This file packaged with rar file, so you an unrar softare intalled to your pc to open this file. Please don't forget to post your comments, if you feel any bugs on Nokia Lumia 610 flash file.

Nokia Lumia 510 Update Firmware Download

Download latest version firmware flash file for Nokia Lumia 510
Nokia Lumia 510 update firmware
Nokia Lumia 510.
windows phone. now free to download and upgrade your Nokia Lumia phone and give new life to Nokia Lumia 510 smartphone, if your phone is dead or damaged and crashing software on your windows phones Nokia Lumia 510. Please make sure, your phone products code is RM-889 and compare the software version before flashing Nokia Lumia 510 phone. This pack including version is V 1102.0.8779.123490. Products code: RM-889.

Nokia X2-05 Latest Update Firmware 2013

Here is the download link of Nokia X2-05 update firmware.
Nokia X2-05 firmware
Nokia X2-05.
Hello every body and friends, who is the visitor of gsm south phone network website. I'm just brings a new version( v8.60a) update firmware flash file for Nokia X2-05 phone. It's just three file to download on your computer for upgrade or flashing Nokia X2-05 RM-772. Read all topics of pkey and jaf download section to learn flashing Nokia phone, if you new to Nokia flashing.

Windows Phones Nokia Lumia 710 Flash File

Windows phones Nokia Lumia 710 flash file and information
Nokia Lumia 710 phones windows
Nokia Lumia 710.
It's the flash file of windows phones powered Nokia Lumia 710 smartphone. It's for you dead phone to flashing and put to new life on Lumia phone 710. Please make sure before download, your phone model is Nokia Lumia 710 and products code is RM-803. This version: 1600.3031.8779.12180.