How To Add Photos To Google Earth

How To Add ?
Google Earth
Google Earth.
How To Add ? It's very easy to adding photos on Google earth. Google only offering to you to upload your photo to Visit this link and create a new accounts by clicking sign up button. They only support natural pictures. So you may able to add your nature photography to Google earth through panoramio. Person photos not allowed there, So avoid these type photos.

How to approved photos?
After they reviewing your photos, Its need about a few hours or few days to approval your photos for Google earth. After approved, visitor also find your photos, When they are viewing that area on Google map. You can upload unlimited picture to panoramio, that will appear on Google earth shortly. And you'll be become a famous photographer in the world.

Can people easily find my uploaded photos ?
Why not. If you have some photos of NYC and you're know about the correct location of your photos, Then put to correct location. When Google earth users viewing that location from their computer, Laptop or smartphone as like Samsung Galaxy S4, Then they saw your uploaded photos on Google earth. Please keep in mind, Google only recommended natural photos.

Don't Forget To Post Your Comments.
If you've any question about adding photos to Google earth, Then don't forget to ask me by posting your valuable comments. I also uploaded much to natural photos on Google earth.