How To Measure Height By Mobile Phone

Learn how to measure height of any location.
Measure Height
Amazing nature from a mountain. Photo: Google+
A few days ago, I am posted a tutorial about "how to use smartphone as a powerful gps". And now i'm writing another tutorial about how to measure height of any location by built in gps of any mobile phone. Now height measuring is very easy by phone gps, just follow this article to get location Data, height etc.
At first, Go to camera option on your phone. e.g As a Nokia phone- Open camera by camera switch. then click to camera option > setting > GPS. switch on internal GPS and capturing photos from your targeted location and save to phone. Transfer photos to computer, PC or laptop. Right click to any photos that you want to get original height. click properties option > Details.

height measure
Location Data.
Then you'll see location information of your photos as this photos. 
Latitude and Longitude are the location info of photos. and Altitude is the height of location on meters.
This photos also show Height: 930 M. Altitude unit are measured by meters. So, this photos taken from a location that was 930 height from sea level.
Follow this tricks to get location and height data from pictures, that you will be capture. You can get location data and height by iPhone built in gps, Get location data and height by Samsung Galaxy S4, Get location data and height data by any Android phone if phone has built in internal gps.