Apple iOS 7 Brings Ultimate Features

A look around Apple i OS 7 features.
Apple i OS 7
Apple i OS 7.
Apple always makes sense in smartphone world. i OS 7 is the latest breaking news and great gift for iPhone and iPad user from Technology giant Apple Inc in Middle of 2013. Apple brings many security locks system to avoiding features theft by others smartphone maker as well as Samsung. Reason the hard security system, i OS 7 will be very hard to clone by others smartphone company. They are used many features on their own phone, That taken from previously taken from Apple iPhone 4s or i OS 6. Apple i OS 7 can be change current smartphone system by this big update. Interface of new i OS 7 are very changed from past version of i OS operating system. Apple already published a news or hints on their official website, "iOS 7 is the world's most advanced mobile OS. Now in its most advanced form". We needs to wait to see, what's features brings i OS 7 on smartphone world.