Nokia N8-00 touch screen jumper solution

Nokia N8-00 Touch Pad
Nokia N8-00 Touch Pad Jumper.
Nokia N8-00 touch screen problem solve by latest touch pad ic jumper and hardware solution. As well as, follow this sample picture and all components. Clear way wash full ic site of touch pad. You can use thinner to washing mother board of Nokia N8-00 mobile phone handset. Check the touch screen connector and fresh this. If problem is still, then change the touch skin pad for Nokia N8. If you failed to repair Nokia N8-00 touch screen problem by previews all solution, then you can make this three jumper direct to touch screen components ic for easy way repairing Nokia N8-00 touch screen problem.

Nokia C2-00 Not Charging Problem

Nokia C2-00 Charging solution
Nokia C2-00 Charging solution.
View this solution for how to solve Nokia C2-00 charger not supported, invalid charger, no response when charging line input and not charging problem. At first check all charging components from charge line areas. and find problem of Nokia c2-00 phone. Change charger or replace new one, change battery or buy another battery. check charging point and change. If problem is still and not charging problems continue? then remove apply this solution to Nokia c2-00 mobile. you can quickly repair Nokia c2 not charging problem by this image. search others solution for other Nokia phone from this website. you can post your comments to ask others visitor about this problem. Discuss your comments here and get answer from others valuable visitor.

Nokia C3-00 Display Light Repairing Solution

Nokia c3-00 Display light
Nokia C3-00 LCD Display LED Light way.
Follow this step by step tutorial for repair LCD display light not working properly from Nokia c3-00 smartphone. Please check display connector and refresh this. Then check light line way as like red line. if you find, this line is fused- then try to build a line as same way. Total two jumper needed to solve light problem of Nokia c3-00 phone. check coil and replace or resolve this. check all followed pin line and make sure, where is problem and how much properly remove Nokia c3 display monitor LCD LED light problem. Please carefully replace or resolve all or one parts components for avoiding Nokia c3-00 dead risk problem.

Nokia C3-00 ear speaker solution tutorial

Nokia C3-00 ear speaker
Picture of Nokia C3-00 ear speaker  way.
Nokia C3-00 smartphone come with many feature. But a few or along problem can be face to bigger problem. This tutorial can be good thing for you. after learn, you can quickly solve ear speaker problem from Nokia c3-00 smartphone mobile handset. Just try to check some components, if found any causes about damage speaker works. Then replace same resistor or resolve. Follow red braked box to easily find problem area. or you can check speaker fuse and try this if speaker is ok but line problem. You must replace same ic, as like L2104 for solve ear speaker problem from Nokia C3-00 Cell phone.

Nokia 1616 and Nokia 1800 Display Pin Line

Nokia 1616 and Nokia 1800 Display
Nokia 1616 and Nokia 1800 Display Line.
Nokia 1800 and Nokia 1616 Blank LCD Display Problem, Display Pin Line Remove Problem from LCD Display Base. Try This Display Solution to Your Nokia 1616 and Nokia 1800 Cellphone. We are Easy way working on this problem by jumper tricks from Display Base to Display IC. You can completely follow us and works with our tips about Nokia handset. If you failed to solve Black Display or Display black problem by change/replace with new one. then try this Display jumpers Trick to Clear or Remove LCD display monitor problem.

Google Nexus 7 with Android Jelly Bean

Google Nexus 7
Google Nexus 7.
Google established Google Nexus 7, that they also managed to solidify themselves as a great hardware maker. Google Unveiled 7” WXGA (1280 x 800) IPS display with Corning's Fit Glass to give it strength, quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor Android 4.10 Jelly Bean Operating Included Google Nexus 7. This Phone only not a Handset, It's Your Personal Data Assistance And TAB. Low Prices Google Nexus 7 is Already Won The User Rating. 

Nokia Asha 305 Dual Sim Touch Phone

Nokia Asha 305
Nokia Asha 305.
Nokia Bring New Cheaper Smartphone Mobile Handset. Operated Nokia Asha 305 is a touch-screen dual-SIM phone. The Asha 305 of a brand new Series 40 interface inspired by smartphones, A 3-inch display and the big benefit of dual-SIM. Nokia Asha 305 features with a 3", 240x320-pixel resistive touchscreen display. The Nokia Asha 305 is virtually all about the screen and that’s we feel that despite the low price of the device it.

Samsung Galaxy S III Black Color

Samsung Galaxy S III Black Color
Samsung Galaxy S III Black.
Samsung Galaxy S III would be available in black color from next month. Now, there is evidence that a new black model of the Samsung Galaxy S III phone will be offered unveiled color. A screenshot of the Galaxy S III inventory page for U.S. white colors and red colors that the Galaxy S III does come in. The red color Galaxy S III is exclusive to AT&T customers. Samsung Galaxy S III Black come with- Android Jelly Bean 4.1, Super AMOLED Touch Screen Display, 2 GB Ram and 64 GB Built-in storage. And Some other future with fixed many bugs.