Nokia 5800 xpressmusic RM-356 update flash file

nokia 5800
Nokia 5800 xpressmusic.
Nokia 5800 was the first touch screen mobile phone of Nokia. you can flash your Nokia 5800 phone by using phoenix or main jaf software. if you need to update Nokia 5800 phone or any other problem and hard reset, then view and follow- how to update Nokia 5800. For dead Nokia 5800 or want to upgrade firmware and can't find from phone as like *#30000# to check for update option, then download any version from these link. download from here.
If you need other version of Nokia 5800 flash file, then write your comments and get link within a few minutes.


  1. thanks for the links

  2. what if the *#30000# is not working

    1. why are you press this ? if you want to format or hard reset your Nokia 5800, then follow this how to update nokia 5800

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  4. Hello after downloading the file i get an error which says
    "Nokia Firmware RM-356 EMEA 15 must be installed first. This setup process will be aborted."
    So please help what should i do and from where can i get this NOKIA FIRMWARE RM-356 EMEA 15....

  5. how to use these flash files to update nokia 5800?