Nokia C5-00 phones successfully hard reset

C5-00 phones
Nokia C5-00.
Learn how to reset, hard reset or restoring Nokia C5-00 phone after virus affected. Nokia C5 and Nokia C5-00 is a long life and nice phones. It's very perfect for photography. However, Nokia c5 is a multimedia phone with Symbian operating and business phone systems. If you feel to any problem to your Nokia C5-00 phones, then you can hard reset this without phone lock code ! Some user also using voip phone service by business phone line for cheap call to foreign. If after using the business telephone service as virtual phone system to your Nokia C5. You can follow this step to hard reset phones. At first, remove battery, sim card and external memory card. then put the battery again and press and hold *, 3 and call key (green button) then press and hold the power switch to turn on phone. Never unhold any button ( Green button+3+*) without power key before power on. If you successfully pressed all key, then well done hard reset to Nokia C5-00 or Nokia C5 phones. You can backup your phone data before hard resetting.