Google CSU apps for Colorado State University

Add csu email and password to Google apps for csu.
Google csu apps
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Guide to download, install and set up Google csu apps in Android phone. A lot of Colorado State University (CSU) students suffering much for setting up Google csu apps on their own phone, so we decide to do it easy for all students of csu, specially who failed to install, setup or using csu apps. Please follow below to fix csu apps problem easily by this tips & tricks for Colorado State University Google apps. What you need to do for fixing Google csu apps problem?
1. Add Existing Google account.

2. Don't enter any info, as one normally would to register a gmail account, and instead press the Menu button and select Browser sign-in.
3. On the following screen, enter the email only and press sign in.
4. For me, here it took me to the CSUF sign-in page and I did so.
5. I actually browsed the site a bit, from there, which leads me to believe that if your sign-in is failing by all of these other steps, the missing factor may be spending enough time signed in through the browser.
6. I pushed the back button until I was greeted with the "Signing In" message.
success might be due to spending enough time signed in for the connection to register.
Google apps CSU
Google apps for CSU.
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