Nokia 5130 Update Firmware Flash File Download

Nokia 5130 flash file
Nokia 5130.
Software For Nokia 5130 RM 495 And RM 496 Latest Flash File For Update Firmwires And Flashing Dead Or Any Others Fault On Nokia 5130 xm Mobile. Another Mobile Service Software Download Any Version And Schematic File From Following Downloading Link. We Are Uploading All Version Flash File For Nokia 5130 XpressMusic RM 495.
Nokia 5130 RM 495 version 6.68 MCUSW
Nokia 5130 RM 495 version 6.68 PPM
Nokia 5130 RM 495 version 6.68 CNT
Nokia 5130 RM-495 v7.91 exe file
Nokia 5130 RM-495 v7.95 exe file
Nokia 5130 RM-495 v7.96 exe file
Nokia 5130 RM-495 v7.97 exe
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  1. kindly post how to use that file using phoenix.. thanks sir..

  2. brother how i can i watch youtube videos live on my nokia 5130 plzz tell me

  3. remind me after 7.98 is up :b

  4. Thanks 100% works.

  5. Replies
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    2. When i Run Pkey Emulator I Click On Go It Show Opreting
      System Error.Why?
      I Use Windows 7 ultimate.

  6. shows not supported windows version. can't I do it using windows 8 pro?

  7. hey bro how to reinstell nokia 5130 software using data cable...

  8. While updating phone through data cable,is there any other hardware too needed?

  9. how to update mobile from this files


  10. I have Downloaded and Installed the Main Jaf softare and the driver. Have copied the pkey emulator
    to the desktop and have run it as admin.

    I also have the flash file 7.97 RM-495 for Nokia 5130

    This is the screen that i get upon runnin the emulator.

    What do i do next?.. I mean what option do i need to choose and such?..

  11. Nevermind.... Got it to work.. Installed FINE..

    BTW, i have prepared a TUTORIAL for NEWBIES who have trouble with the above process.

    Here it is:


    You are free to use this tutorial in ur website if you need


  12. I have Nokia 5130c-2 with Hebrew language, but after updating the phone firmware to the latest one, the Hebrew disappears,
    I do the update with Nokia NSU.
    I'm looking for a way to return Hebrew to the phone the current version is V7.97 RM-495.
    I download V7.95 from the site (that have Hebrew) and try to downgrade to 7.95 but the phone did not turn on .So I download Version V7.97 this version finish with success, but there is no Hebrew language.
    When I try to downgrade I select :
    "Downgrade,crt308, Manual Flash,factory set,normal mode,use ini"
    I get first warning massage : Warning downgrading will kill the phone I replay continue
    the second warning massage : Can't prepare the phone for downgrade ,to Continue?
    I reply no, then I unchecked "Downgrade,crt308" but the phone do not start
    Do you have V07.97 with Hebrew support, or a way to downgrade the phone?
    Thanks doron.

    1. @D/..\Z, you can download from here but i'm unsure about language pack reason never used all file by me. Nokia 5130 RM-495 v7.97 exe

    2. Thanks for quick replay,
      I will download & test it.
      I let you know if it solve the problem.
      Thanks alot

    3. there is no Hebrew language/support in the file.
      beside that it's OK I have now Arabic support.
      Hope you have one with Hebrew or any idea how can i add Hebrew language.
      Thanks for your help.

  13. how to flash nokia 5130 c-2 v06.94 RM -495 to anther version .

  14. boss im getting an error called "cant load winSCard.dll" , wat to do ?

  15. and im using windows7....n its showing that windows version is not supported...wat to do ?

  16. Did all the things according to the steps but at the end of the commd line it shows phone rebooted but not in flash mode and processing stops there


    How to Install the FIRMWARE FLASH FILE as given in Instruction 5

    pls reply as soon as possible

    thank you

  18. does flashing asks for security code? coz i dont know it.... and i want to unlock it...!!

  19. bro..pls tell me the password to download the files

  20. boss help me i can't download the flash file

  21. sir first i switch on my 5130,contact srevice appears on screen and then turn off automatically,i have checked my handset to a local technician,he does not repaired it,and after that the cell switch on and nothing show on display.plz tell me what can i do?

  22. sir i am using phoenix software using flash for nokia 5130.....but some error is occurred like this
    Firmware updating failed. Error 0x8401F121 – Flash: Communication with phone is not possible. Unable to detect phone operation mode, cannot continue.

    plz help me

  23. How to install firmware file??
    the link of .exe firmware file is not working. Give me a workable link of Nokia 5130 RM-495 v7.97 exe

  24. i love this phone its working till now