Nokia 1200 1208 1209 1650 No Sim card insert sim card Jumper Way Solution

nokia 1200 1208 1209 insert sim
Nokia 1200, Nokia 1208, Nokia 1209, Nokia 1650 No Sim card insert sim card Jumper Way Solution. simply check both 6 ( six ) sim connector and if find any foults or Line unjoin problem then make these jumping. after making jumper then see the your nokia`s problem solve.

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  1. Thanks for giving information.
    I didn't hear about this method.
    Here i wish to add another ways to solve no sim card inserted issue.
    There are three possibilities to get this type of issue.
    1.There may be a problem in your Sim card so try another one.
    2.Check your Sim whether it's properly inserted or not
    3.Your mobile is locked to particular network provider.
    If your problem persists,After trying first two ways means definitely Your mobile phone is restricted by some network so try to unlock your mobile phone.You can unlock your mobile phone using network unlock code.It's the best way to unlock your phone.If you need an unlock code for your phone visit I hope it will be very useful to you.