Nokia 1100,2300,2600 Not Charging No Charging ic Problem Jumper way solution

nokia 1100 2300 2600 not chrgingNokia 1100 Nokia 2300 Nokia 2600 Not Charging No Carging ic Problem Jumper way solution. you works with our tested solution. 100% working and ok solution for this kind error on nokia mobile phone handset. 

Nokia 1202 1203 1661 No sound Problem Buzzer Ringer Ear Speaker Jumper Way Solution

nokia 1202 1661 no sound Ringer speaker solution jumperAnothers Good Solution About Nokia 1202, Nokia 1203, Nokia 1661 And Nokia 1662 Model Mobile Audio Ic Problem. Such As Ringtone Not Active, Ear Speaker Fault Or Microphone Problems. Making Red And Yelow Lines Jumper And Simply Solving This Couse.

Nokia 1110 1112 1600 2310 Ringer Audio ic jumper Way

nokia 1110 1112 1600 2310 Ringer ic jumperNokia 1110 Nokia 1112, Nokia 1600, Nokia 2310 Audio Ic Solution. Remove Ic From your nokia mobiles  Mother Board and Then Applying This Formula. two simple jumper for audio or ringer ic any problem solve.